NFT Spotlight: R.Land
What started as an origin story to R-Planet has evolved into something much bigger, as R.Land is aiming to expand upon some of the major innovations introduced by R-Planet
December 23, 2021. WRITTEN BY Team

NFT Spotlight: R.land 🐶

We are back with another NFT Spotlight; and today, we’re going back to our roots!

We’ll be covering the highly anticipated R.Land, a project set in the same universe as - and inspired by - R-Planet.

What started as an origin story to R-Planet has evolved into something much bigger, as R.Land is aiming to expand upon some of the major innovations introduced by R-Planet. R.Land is a metaverse for animals. You can be or do whatever you want. R.Land offers players the opportunity to choose their own path when it comes to gameplay. They can be an inventor, a crafter, an owner, a player, a holder, a flipper or any combination of these!

At its core, R.Land brings back all the amazingly fun aspects we loved about R-Planet in its early stages, while introducing new ideas and concepts to the mix.

Owner Shards ⛏️

The game’s primary NFTs are Owner Shards (OS), which are glass shards that represent 1 type of “Part”. These parts are vital to the development of Rigs and thus, the functioning of R.Land as a whole. The 4 Parts are Alien Alloy (Alloy), rGas (Gas), Circuit (PCB) and Pixels (RGB). The 4 parts are all essential to play, discover and craft on R.Land. The Owner Shard NFTs provide players multiple benefits depending on their rarity - their main use being that they produce resources - the same part they represent.

Like R-Planet, R.Land NFTs come in 6 rarities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. One differentiator with this game is that by blending 4 different Mythic Owner Shards, players will be able to receive a “Super Secret Owner Shard”, who’s effects are well…as the name suggests…a secret!

There is a daily pool of Parts that will be distributed to all owners of OS. Depending on the rarity of your OS, you earn shares of the daily pool. Common - 1, Uncommon - 3, Rare - 8, Epic - 15, Legendary - 40, Mythic - 150. Each rarity also has secondary utilities and functions which can be found on R.Land’s Gameplan document. These secondary functions include features such as access to the Beta release, whitelists for future drops, voting rights and more.

Blending 🔥

Owner Shards can be upgraded by blending. As long as the correct blend recipe is followed, you can blend any random parts in order to receive a random upgraded OS.

The blends are:

  • 4 Common OS blend to create 1 Uncommon OS
  • 3 Uncommon OS blend to create 1 Rare OS
  • 2 Rare OS blend to create 1 Epic OS
  • 3 Epic OS blend to create 1 Legendary OS
  • 4 Legendary OS blend to create 1 Mythic OS

The goal for some players may be to build up their inventory up until the point that they own all 4 different Mythic OS - Alloy, Gas, PCB and RGB. These 4 different Mythic Owner Shards can then be blended to create the Super Secret Owner Shard!

Inventing 🧙

Besides the staking and blending systems, R.Land also brings back our favorite aspect of R-Planet that made those early days so memorable - inventing!! In R.Land, Dr. Baby is asking players to get down to business and make their way to the laboratory, so that they can help solve R.Land’s power and resource issues.

“Time is running out, without your help, we might not survive”, Dr. Baby pleads.

The goal of the invention system is to figure out what combination of parts will successfully create working Rigs. Rigs are very important, as they aid in the future development of R.Land. There are known limitations and rules for the formulas which can be found on the Gameplan document. If the recipe you enter into the generator is correct, you receive a random Owner Shard, an Inventor Rig, a Standard Rig (pack), 10% of the prize fund, and 10% of parts from players crafting rigs with your recipe! So what exactly do rigs do? They are used to produce higher level Rigs or to earn AETHER/hr. Rigs have Levels up to 6, corresponding to their rarities. A higher-level Rig can only be produced by using a lower-level Rig in the formula (Common Rig to produce an Uncommon Rig, Uncommon Rig to produce a Rare Rig, etc.)

BIT Tokens ⚙️🔩

The in-game token of R.Land are known as BITs, and these BITs will be useable in all phases of the game due to the way they’ve standardized the asset - calling it a HybridAsset.

1 BIT = 4 different sub-BITs. While BITs are transferable tokens, sub-BITs are not. Sub-BITs can only be earned or used in the R.Land ecosystem. In Phase One, 1 BIT corresponds to 1 sub-BIT A, 1 sub-BIT B, 1 sub-BIT C and 1 sub-BIT D.

In Phase 2, the BIT token can represent different sub-BITs as the game expands, which means the game won’t need to constantly create new tokens that undermine the game’s primary currency.

PromoRPlanet Staking Pool 🏊

With all this being said, Promo Planet is super proud to be collaborating with R.Land - Promo Planet’s Discord Hero NFTs, as well as our Collectible NFTs will earn BITs in the near-future! Hoorah!! The Discordhero Schema has been allocated a pool of 250,000 BITs, while the Collectibles Schema has been allocated a pool of 100,000 BITs.

We couldn’t be more excited to see how the R.Land ecosystem develops and how the game progresses. Plenty of R-Planet’s loyal fanbase and the OGs are super excited to relive some of the best aspects of the game that single-handededly revolutionized the NFT world.

Website: https://r.land

Discord: https://discord.gg/rland

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rland