NFT SPOTLIGHT: NiftyKicks Factory
Before we begin our third instalment of the NFT Spotlight series, we’d like to take this time to wish everyone a very happy holidays! 2021 has been an incredible year for us here at Promo Planet, and a year of immense growth and notoriety for NFTs and NFT gaming. We’re so excited to see what 2022 holds for the NFT and GameFi space in general!
January 01, 2022. WRITTEN BY Team

NiftyKicks Factory 👟🏭

Today we’ll be covering an exciting and unique NFT game, unlike anything else we’ve seen before - Nifty Kicks!

The game revolves around the cutthroat sneaker industry that has, as of late, been severely lacking in innovation and quality. At present time, there aren’t many different sneaker options for people to choose from. With only some basic models and athletic sneakers not meeting the expectations or needs of athletes, athletes find themselves not being able to compete to their full potential. Lacking comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics, current sneaker designs just aren’t living up to expectations.

Things are about to change though, as you the player, have big ideas on how to modernize the shoe industry. You have big dreams to build your very own sneaker factory with the help of Carl. You’ve already started talks with a potential seller on a building with some basic machinery.

It is up to you, Carl and a few hired skill laborers to grow and modernize the factory to get it to its full potential and production capacity. As Carl continues to engineer new blueprints for modern kicks, the laborers Exil, Rubberta & Lex will continue to work the machines to generate the required raw materials, expand the factory and eventually ramp up production of sneakers. While these skill laborers are not required to run the factory, they will prove invaluable as you race to be the best and most advanced NiftyKicks Factory on the WAX blockchain.

Hostile & Unstable ❌👀

Unfortunately, the sneaker industry is extremely hostile and unstable. While the athletes and the fashion world are counting on you and Carl, there are a few things that stand in your way - espionage, sabotage and a raging pandemic. With that in mind, there’s currently no security for hire, and industrial espionage is a problem that poses a very high risk of derailing your efforts.

As a factory owner, you foresee the eventual need for an internal security branch within your factory. You’ll also need engineers and scientists to help develop new machines that will support your factory, defend your R&D, and support other projects on the WAX blockchain. What impact will industrial espionage and the pandemic have on the future of your factory? Only time will tell…

NiftyKicks Factory Gameplay 🎮

Now onto the gameplay. The game consists of 4 types of materials: Energy (NKFE), Textile (NKFT), Rubber (NKFR), and Leather (NKFL). These raw materials are in the form of fungible tokens which are tradeable/sellable or can be used to build. Energy is necessary to repower/repair the machines, allowing them to keep running smoothly. When the game launches, there will be 7 primary NFTs - 3 pieces of equipment, 3 laborers each with a unique specialty corresponding to the 3 pieces of equipment, and 1 building for energy production and to house your machines. Phase 2 will add a Cobbler to the mix, a machine necessary for building Nifty Kicksss (sneakers).

The objective of the game before the Cobbler pack release, will be for players to accumulate the raw materials necessary for the production of sneakers. Additionally, players will be able to build NFTs that they can stake to increase their production capacity or sell in the marketplace. These NFTs are built using raw materials that you produce or purchase on Alcor Exchange. Once the Cobbler is available, your factory will be able to produce sneakers from the Nifty Kicksss collection. The collection is comprised of 25 of the most sought-after sneakers in the industry, and they come in 6 rarities. Each individual NFT boosts your raw material output in addition to their collectability and resale value.

Factory owners can stake one NiftyKicksss NFT of each rarity in their factory’s sneaker vault. Players will work to create and stake particular sneakers in order to increase the production capacity of their factory. Each sneaker collection will have its own production boost power ranging from 1%-3.4%. Each factory owner will have a chance one per day at discovering sneaker blueprints while claiming Energy tokens.

For the full rundown on how to play the game, be sure to check out their white paper: https://niftykicksfactory.gitbook.io/nifty-kicks-factory

Promo Planet Partnership 🏭🤝🦸

We’re super excited for the release of this game, and we are so proud to be partnered with NiftyKicks! The 10 NFTs in our Discord Hero / Villain collection can be staked to boost entire factory production by 0.3% each.

If you own and stake all 10, you’ll earn a total of 3% boost, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to get ahead of the game and boost your factory’s production of the raw materials that you’ll need to salvage the sneaker industry!

Main Drop #1 and Whitelist 🗓️ ✅

Nifty Kicks is starting the new year off with a bang, as their Main Drop #1 is on January 7th, 2022 at 18:00 UTC for those on the Gold Whitelist. The closed beta game launch will be a day later on January 8th.

Speaking of whitelists, there are three tiers of whitelisted accounts for the drop on January 7th. All you need to do to get onto the Gold level of the whitelist is simply own a Neon NiftyKicksss NFT! For the Silver tier, you need to own a NiftyKicks & DeadinCity Collab Limited Edition NFT and for the Bronzie tier, you need to own an Oliveland Exclusive NiftyKicksss NFT.

The Gold whitelist tier comes with several benefits, including being airdropped 1 random Apprentice Laborer NFT before pack drops, being guaranteed a chance at Crates and Bundle Packs, granted access to closed Beta UI testing, and gaining a % production boost for the Neon NFT in-game.

Want to stay up to date on everything Nifty Kicks? 🏭

Website: https://discord.gg/niftykicksfactory

Discord: https://discord.gg/niftykicksfactory

Twitter: https://twitter.com/niftykicksio

Drop/Mint: https://neftyblocks.com/c/niftykicksio/drops/86961%2B86962

Happy New Year! 🥳

Your Team at Promo Planet ❤️