NFT Spotlight: Glyph-Bound
The potential of play-to-earn NFT games are being realized more and more every day as projects leverage new technologies and the gaming world continues to embrace the many benefits that blockchain provides. This article takes a deep dive into one such game that’s combining nostalgic old-school gameplay with next-generation NFT game mechanics.
January 27, 2022. WRITTEN BY Team

Glyph-Bound: Kotodama 🎎

Glyph-Bound: Kotodama describes themselves as a “non-linear, monster-catching RPG with an art style inspired by Pokémon Generation 3 & 4, turn-based combat influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics, and open-world exploration inspired by Runescape”. They blend some of the best aspects of nostalgic MMO and JRPG games, while taking advantage of modern blockchain technology features such as NFT minting, burn mechanics, and fungible tokens.

Kami & G-CHARM 🌊🔥🌩️

The game revolves around Kami – animist spirits inspired by Japanese Shinto beliefs. Kami are divided into 10 Elemental categories that modify battle damage and influence their non-combat utility skills. Players will track, bind and train these Kami for use in combat and non-combat activities.

Rare and Super Rare Kami can be upgraded to NFT versions with modified and unique sprites through a process called minting. These minted NFT Kami are limited in number, and the pre-release Kami are even more limited than those available at release. In order to mint NFT Kami, you’ll need to burn a set quantity of G-CHARM; a fungible token on the Solana blockchain that is shared by all games published by DRODCORP LTD. Players can complete daily quests, win wager battles, and compete in tournaments to win $GCHARM.

Besides Kami, Glyph-Bound players will also be able to collect Cosmetics in NFT and non-NFT forms such as outfits, hairstyles and titles. Additionally, players can collect housing and collectible furniture; providing more customization and gameplay elements to supplement the tracking, binding and training gameplay that revolves around Kami.

Minting on Magic Eden 🍄

Glyph-Bound will be minting 1,500 Kami on the Magic Eden Launchpad on February 2nd, 2022 at 22:20 UTC. Mint price is 1.5 SOL and there are 0% Royalties. Initially, there will be 30 different species of Kami available and a supply of 50 per species. If you’re interested in joining the whitelist for the minting event, join their Discord community over at Holders of 0th edition Kami will be able to redeem tokens used to mint Character Slots which are required to access the upcoming online P2E PvP Mode.

Explore Akitsu Isle & its Temples 🏝️🏯

One of the core tenets of the game is the exploration aspect, where players will venture out and travel throughout the settlements of Akitsu Isle. While the main roads that connect the settlements are relatively safe even for beginners, they’ll find stronger challenges and more dangerous areas the further they travel off the beaten path.

There are ten Elemental Temples scattered across the island at remote locations where players will be able to test their skills. Players will need to work their way up the Temple, facing stronger acolytes as they progress, culminating in a showoff with the Temple Leader who resides on the top floor. While these Temples aren’t mandatory for progression, the training and challenges they provide will contribute to a player’s success in and out of battle.

Combat System & Tournaments 🤺🏅

Glyph-Bound’s combat takes inspiration from the turn-based tactical combat systems of Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem and adds Elemental categories reminiscent of Pokémon “types”. Players can equip 5 Kami – each with up to four active combat techniques (Techs) and one passive combat Tactic. While a Kami can learn an unlimited number of Techs and Tactics, each additional one takes more and more effort. Also, a Kami can only maintain Mastery of six Techs and three Tactics at any given time. Masteries serve to improve or alter effects of Techs and Tactics.

In a standard Duel, each Binder summons up to three Kami from their team to the battleground. Binders can also use a Combat Ritual once per battle which can be used to support your Kami’s strengths or cover their weaknesses. Combat Rituals can be learned at one of the aforementioned Temples. A player wins a Duel when they defeat all of the opposing team’s Kami and winning a battle against opponents provides Binders with “Renown”, the combat experience tracker.

The more Renown a Binder has, the more questlines and special areas become available to them. Renown is also required to participate in the Emperor’s Tournament which is a quarterly global PvP Tournament with prizes and rewards including crypto, NFTs, Trophies, Titles, Cosmetics and more.

Players will also be able to browse or organize their own mini-tournaments called Meets. Meets can be public or private and prizes will be distributed in the form of pooled G-CHARM which is collected as registration fees. A small portion of the pooled G-CHARM will go to the Emperor’s Tournament Treasury, while some of the G-CHARM will be burned.

Upcoming Events 🗓️

Glyph-Bound is still in the very early stages of their project, but we think this one is absolutely beaming with potential! If you’re an NFT gamer who grew up playing classic games like Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem and RuneScape, this one might definitely be for you.

If you’d like to get in early, their Magic Eden Minting event is taking place February 2nd at 22:20 UTC. To join the whitelist, just head over to their discord at Want to learn more about the project? You can check them out at and