As we settle into 2022, a few new trends seem to be emerging, while others from 2021 appear to be accelerating in adoption and acceptance from the mainstream. This article will cover a project looking to leverage virtually all these major trends - Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, and Web3!
January 21, 2022. WRITTEN BY Absolute

Gamerplex - The Gaming Metaverse 🎮

Today we’ll be covering a project that I had the privilege of discovering at the Solana conference in Lisbon in November - Gamerplex! (

Their project is fascinating and unique - the team at Gamerplex are building a gaming metaverse on Solana’s decentralized blockchain to enable players to use NFTs and their native token - the $X token across multiple game titles that they’re developing.

“Multiple games?” you might be asking. Yes! To my surprise, the founder Johnny whipped out his phone shortly after we met in Lisbon and insisted that I try out some of the games they’re working on. If you’re a crypto OG, you could probably envision the kind of surprised look I had on my face as I was playing actual, developed shooter and resource-gathering games on a mobile device that will soon be fully integrated with the Solana blockchain using NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Projects like this are just the right mixture of ambitious and unique, with loads of potential - Gamerplex describes themselves as being “uniquely positioned to leverage several emerging technologies - building an online world where decentralized finance reigns - combining cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs and video games to create a unique and exciting user experience” that they’re calling the Exaverse.

The Exaverse ($X Token)

So what exactly is this “Exaverse”? And what kind of games are Gamerplex working on?

“The metaverse of integrated games using Gamerplex’s $X Token is called the Exaverse. Every game that makes up the Exaverse will support cross-game NFTs that are available at the marketplace.”

This means players will be able to seamlessly use NFTs and the $X token across multiple, interoperable games.

This is exciting stuff, because in our opinion, one of the shortcomings of current NFT games is the fact that you can only really play them for a few minutes to an hour before you’ve fully gathered the available resources for that time period, or you just get tired of playing.

Four Playable Games, with more on the way 🔫⚒️

Gamerplex have already released 4 alpha prototypes available on Windows and MacOS - Kinland, Cyberwars, Contention and Phoenix. With Gamerplex’s Exaverse, you can start your day playing Kinland, where you’ll earn tokens by battling hordes of undead beings, then take that same NFT character you were using over to Contention or Cyberwars, where you’ll play first and third-person shooters to earn tokens and NFT rewards. Tired of shooting bad guys? They have two more games being developed - Phoenix and Soul Strike, each with their own unique story and gameplay!

Gamerplex is an NFT Game Studio who’s mission is to bring passionate players and developers together into the metaverse, where NFT assets and cryptocurrencies are interoperable across several games that they and their partners develop.

If the early-stage demos I personally tested are any indication, there could definitely be a bright future ahead for this ambitious, up-and-coming NFT project.

What’s Next? 😄

They’ve just held their “OG Drop”, where they released exclusive, limited edition character NFTs for free as part of their initial release, and as a thank you to beta-testers and early adopters in their project. Want to get in on the fun? You can try testing out some of their games for yourself. They’re currently gearing up for some NFT sales and preparing for the launch of their $X Token, so you’ll be able to try out the games before they’ve even held any sales!

Want to learn more about Gamerplex? Head over to, and be sure to join their Discord at to stay up to date on their upcoming NFT giveaways and sales!