Interview with Cosmos Eleven's Founder Chonpa!
We got together with Chonpa, founder of Cosmos Eleven on WAX! Combining Football, NFTs, Staking, Play-to-Earn and more!
February 22, 2022. WRITTEN BY Absolute

Hello Chonpa, thank you for stopping by! Could you tell me a bit about yourself, and how you got into NFTs? 😄

Hello, and thanks for having me!

I am just a regular hard-working guy who wants to compete with the best in any area possible.

Back in February last year, I introduced my friend to the crypto world. He got addicted to it and continued his own research. He approached me later and said, "Hey, would you mind checking out NFTs? It's the future of everything". At first, I was skeptical but the more I investigated the more I liked it. Finally, I decided to join the NFT world and here I am today.

What is Cosmos Eleven, how did the idea of combining Football, NFTs, Staking and Play-to-Earn come about? Where is the project currently? What should we be looking forward to?

Cosmos Eleven is a play-to-earn football manager on the WAX blockchain. The idea came from the simple fact that I was always interested in football and football managers. What made my decision even stronger is the lack of strategy games on the WAX blockchain. We wanted to make something that is not as simple as "click here - claim the reward". Basically, what I wanted from C11 is to give our users a REAL GAME experience where your actions and decision have a direct impact on the outcome of the game.

C11 is offering 3 pools from which you can earn our in-game token - Dimian, depending on your gameplay style.

Card staking pool

If you want to passively earn, you can stake your cards. BUT, as we've always said, we want our game to be play-to-earn and not stake-to-earn. That is reflected through facts that with staking only, every month your cards will generate less and less Dimian. We wanted to incentivize our users to play, and that is why we also have a Play-to-earn pool.

Play-to-earn pool

Our play-to-earn pool is designated for active players, and the rewards from it are distributed in friendly matches and daily tournaments. In a few seconds, you can win more than days of staking would generate for you. We will also introduce PvE gameplay from this pool soon, too give players even more options.

DIM staking pool

You could also stake your hard-earned DIM and get rewards based on the amount that you staked.

We have already released friendly matches and daily tournaments. Through tournaments, we issue 450 WAX and 1.92 million DIM DAILY! Every day somebody has to win it, and we secured that everybody has a fair chance of doing so! There is nothing stopping you to beat somebody with a 50k$ investment. Even if you invested as little as 50$, you have a chance against whales. All you have to do is actively play the game. You don't even need to know anything about football prior! Everything is very intuitive in our game.

At this moment, we are looking forward to the release of our PvE gameplay, and every day we are looking forward to the new winners that daily tournaments bring every day.

Okay so what is Dimian exactly? Why do the Humans, AI, Aliens and everything in-between want their hands on it? 👀

Dimian is our in-game currency. According to the lore, Dimian is a rare metal that could bring some great advantages to all sides in the C11 lore in the year 4144. For us still in 2022, we want our hands on DIM since it is used for entrance fees for tournaments and all the mechanics that make our team stronger.

It seems like NFTs are moving towards a Play-to-Earn format. Could you explain how the Play-to-Earn mechanics work in Cosmos Eleven? 🎮

Play-to-Earn mechanics in C11 are introduced through PvP (right now) and PvE gameplay (soon).

In PvP gameplay, you can choose to fight other players through Friendly matches or through Daily tournaments. In friendly matches, you face only one opponent, and you choose the amount of DIM you want to invest. There are 4 pools ( from 500 - 20k DIM) and the winner takes his and opponent's DIM home ( minus a small burning fee). In tournaments, you can earn both WAX and DIM. You will face 31 other players in 32 player tournaments. The best 8 in the knockout format will win the prize according to the round that they lost in. There are various entrance fees ( from 5000 to 40000 DIM), depending on the value of the main prize.

Everything is being monitored, and entrance fees will be altered to match the DIM price and prizes.

I am definitely no stranger to earning through staking, how does staking in Cosmos Eleven work exactly? 👀

Staking is basically the same as in any other game on the WAX blockchain. It is a way of a passive income. We rewarded our "early birds" with the highest staking rate at month one, and it is slowly going down because, as I said, we want people to play and not only stake. We know CPU issues are a problem from playing and doing a big number of transactions, therefore we rewarded our community with 20 MS daily on us.

So there are friendly matches, league matches, and daily/weekly tournament matches? Where and when do we find out about those?! 🙋

Yes, friendly matches are already released and at C11 we have over 125k friendly matches played in 50 days. Tournaments have already been released for a week now. We run 8 daily tournaments(every 3 hours).Four for DIMIAN rewards, four for WAX rewards. From what we've seen so far, players choose tournaments more frequently because the experience gained in tournaments is a lot higher than in friendly matches. A higher amount of experience means that your team will become even stronger. Leagues are coming in Q2 and we are extremely thrilled about it. We want to incentivize all people from hardcore players to those that play 2 matches a day. That's why leagues will determine your true skill and depending on your position, you can promote or demote from it. You can find the details on our Medium page, it should be a good intro on what to expect and how to participate in the PvP part of the game.


From all the different Blockchains available? Why WAX? Do you plan on becoming cross-chain at some point? 🤔

We had the option to go on BSC, but having gas fees in mind it would cost too much for an average user. We wanted to make this game available to everyone and give everyone a chance to play to earn.

Definitely, our goal is to go cross-chain at some point, we want to bring every P2E fan from any blockchain on C11.

Are there any projects on WAX (or any other Blockchain) that inspired you? 💡

I can only say that they inspired me what NOT to do. I don't think that ROI projects are sustainable, and I think they favor only a handful of players. We want to make something that will last and bring fun AND earnings to our players for more than a few days of initial hype.

Although, I must emphasize that I highly appreciate Sammy Snake because he helped me a lot through my journey.

If someone wanted to get started today and become a Football Manager in Cosmos Eleven, how would they do so? 🏆

Basically, all you need to start is 11 players and a tactic. Packs and cards are very affordable at the moment on secondary markets. All you need to join us is 2 prerequisites and a will to improve your team through playing the game! We have so much fun on our Discord server, and there are so many experienced players that are going out of their way to help newcomers. I highly recommend all the new managers to join us there.

What excites you about NFTs? Where do you see the space trending in the future? 📈

NFT are all around us, but we weren't aware of it. If you go and buy an online ticket for some concert that will attend 10k people, basically you are holding NFT and no one else can use it. Every NFT in our game has a use for our players, just as a concert ticket is enabling you to actually see a concert. I am seeing NFTs implemented everywhere, not just gaming. Although I see that gaming has the most use case of it.

What has Cosmos Eleven implemented since your sale (which was not so long ago)?

  • Staking
  • Rewards for holding DIMIAN
  • Friendly matches (over 125k games played)
  • Two facilities, one that helps you in staking, one that helps you ingame
  • Upgrading attributes of your players
  • Got VERIFIED by AtomicHub
  • Got listed on various sites such as dappradar
  • Ingame chat
  • Released invitational tournaments
  • Released daily tournaments that covers each time zone and holding 450 in wax prizes
  • Free 20 MS daily for our WCW users
  • Several burning mechanisms
  • Burned 2.7% of our total supply

Is it too late to enter?😶

It’s never too late in C11 world. As we said with plenty of options to play at C11, I am sure everyone will find their happines and their path in C11.

What is next for Cosmos Eleven? 🚀

Our main focus is on the making site as user friendly as possible, PVE drop/gameplay coming in Q1 and Leagues coming in Q2.

Well Chonpa it was a pleasure having you! And learning more about Cosmos Eleven, before you go I have a couple fun questions for you! 😄

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of NFTs, Football and Outer Space? 👨‍🚀

I am a hardcore fan of chess. I also play the piano and guitar. Pre-COVID, I was going twice a week with friends to go play football. I'm looking forward to doing it again to show my real-life player skills, and not only C11 player managing skills!

One unusual fact about you? 😛

I don't own a car at all, and I am still using Samsung A10 (100$) mobile phone although we sold out for 700k$. As long as I can see potential improvements in C11 there will be no rest for me!

Is there anything you’d like to add? Would you like to say something directly to the reader?

I invite everyone to our project to give it a try. For those with WCW we give 20 ms daily to try it out. We value all the players and it doesn't matter if someone is a "whale" or a "fish". We listen to our community and a lot of things were implemented just because of them.

Amazing! I wish you the best Chonpa on Cosmos Eleven, and I admire the hardwork and transparency you have! Thank you again for joining me today! 😄

Cosmos Eleven