Bringing Everyone Together - The Merge
Promo Planet is merging all their communities from R-Planet to Dragonary.
December 12, 2021. WRITTEN BY Absolute

The founders of Promo Planet – Luffy & Absolute – have made it their mission to bring people with common interests in NFT gaming together.

What started off as a passion project evolved into a community beyond anything that could have been imagined. Within months, the Community R-Planet Discord became one of the largest and most active Discord communities in the WAX NFT space. The conversation has always been about more than just R-planet; being more of an unfiltered conversation about everything NFT.

All throughout 2021 - through exciting highs and dreadful lows for not only R-Planet but for the entire WAX ecosystem – one thing remained truly constant, the massive engagement among members in the Community R-Planet Discord server.

Given the explosive growth, and with the continued intention to grow and give back to the community, R-Planet evolved into Promo Planet; who created a WAX NFT collection that is now growing and gaining utility in the WAX ecosystem. With the community’s growing interest in other NFT play-to-earn games, Promo Planet expanded and created other Discord channels to be able to better serve the entire community and their interests.

Now, Promo Planet is officially bringing everyone together into one Discord channel – to serve as a hub for all Play-to-Earn NFT gamers and collectors across all the major blockchains including WAX, ETH, SOL, BSC and more! If you’re already a member of the R-Planet server, no action is required from you. If you’re a member of one of the other channels such as Promo Planet or Planet Axie, you’ll simply need to join the merged Discord channel at:

The new Discord server will be called Team NFT | Promo Planet and will continue to provide everything you loved about the community that’s been built over the last year – weekly drops and giveaways, important news and announcements, engaging conversation revolving around NFT games and investment strategy, and more!

The Promo Planet NFT collection will continue to push forward and expand with their efforts to integrate itself further into the WAX ecosystem and serve as a way to promote games and projects that the Discord community loves.

We’re looking very forward to seeing you all in the merged server!